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Our vision is to share pure, delicious Australian honey straight from the beehive to you. Pure and simple CALL 0413 122 888
Pure Australian Manuka honey with powerful antibacterial qualities to restore and balance your health. Bee2 Manuka Honey CALL 0413 122 888
Our bees roam the wild and unspoiled forests in New South Wales to create our unique honey. Honey from one the most natural regions on earth CALL 0413 122 888
Natural, energy-boosting and easy-to-carry honey wherever you go. Bee2 Honey Straws CALL 0413 122 888
Meet Bee2

Bee2 Australian Honey Products grew from a dream of sharing the prized taste of Australian honey with the rest of the world. Bee2’s team of beekeepers, headed up by George, are devoted to creating high-quality honey. We pour our passion for premium natural honey into every step of production, from our healthy hives to your happy home.

Pure honey is nutritious, a natural sweetener, a concentrated energy source and an ancient folk remedy for health. Our bees travel to protected wilderness forests to forage on pollen and nectar. These pristine environments help our bees and us to create superior honey that tastes like no other and contains an abundance of nutritional and well-being benefits.

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Discover the healthy taste of pure Australian honey

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Genuine 100% pure Australian Manuka honey

Real Manuka honey is exceptionally rare and unique to Australia and New Zealand. Bee2 Manuka Honey has been independently tested to the highest Australian standards verifying our honey is real and pure Australian Manuka Honey.

Treat low blood sugar naturally with honey

Bee2 Honey Straws are sold by Diabetes Victoria to treat low blood sugar. Small, individually packaged, convenient and super easy to tear and squeeze, carry our honey straws in your pocket to deliver an all-natural, instant boost when you need it the most.

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